TEST COMMUNICATIONS is a leading regional provider of a full range of services for both wireless and wireline telecommunications customers. These services include but are not limited to Line & Antenna, Microwave, Architecture & Engineering, Construction Management, Warehousing and Logistics, Fiber Optics services, Radio Frequency testing services and several other ancillary services which round out a comprehensive suite of services and offerings.

Tower Services

Our tower construction services are centered around safety and quality. We take pride in the projects that we perform and our excellence is what sets apart in the industry. Whether it is line and antenna, structural enhancements or replacements, or troubleshooting, we have you covered.

Civil Construction

Our civil technicians have years of experience in wireless and wireline telecom. We hold licenses in General Construction, Tower Construction, Electrical Work, & Solar; and we can perform any typical civil job that is required in telecom.

RF Testing

Sweep Testing - Every one of our senior technicians are thoroughly trained in RF analysis techniques through “sweep testing” of lines and antennas. Whether its one ½ RF jumper or a 14-port, multi-band antenna, we at TEST, understand the importance of this critical test element in ensuring a successful installation of 4G and 5G networks

PIM - PIM testing of lines and antennas is routinely performed by our trained technicians. Our expertise spans equipment from multiple manufacturers and a myriad number of configurations. Quality and accuracy is always our goal.

Fiber Optics

Fiber Characterization - Fiber characterization provides a true picture of the network’s performance and limits. Fiber characterization enables the equipment provider to provide the operator with the most cost-optimized solution for a given bit rate.

Design & Install Services - Designing, installing, routing, upgrading, terminations, splicing, testing and troubleshooting of fiber networks.

OTDR Testing - Through the use of OTDR equipment from leading optical equipment manufacturers TEST technicians can verify splice loss, measure length and find faults in throughout an entire fiber optic network or in one fiber optic link.

Insertion Loss and Optical Return Loss - TEST technicians are trained to perform IL and ORL tests as required to confirm proper connectivity of fiber links from the BBU to the RRU on the tower top.

Mapping Services

With the evolution of wireless telecom, structures are continuously needing to be evaluated. All wireless carriers and tower owners are moving at such a rapid pace that sometimes a site visit and tower or mount mapping is required to get the most accurate and current configurations. We offer exceptional mapping services that provide reports at all levels; whether it is a large volume of sites that require drone footage or detailed mapping reports that require a tower climber we have what it takes to complete the project with EXCELLENCE.


Engineer - TEST Communications employs network engineers to perform site surveys, development of custom network configurations, operational and functional network testing, and network commissioning and integrations. We utilize rigorous processes to ensure quality at every stage and to achieve accuracy of every configured system.

Furnish - We can provide BOM validation, material handling, third-party material and equipment procurement, staging and integration of project specific materials, inventory tracking and transportation services. We can provide digital tracking capabilities for every configured system which contains detailed information for every relevant component.

Install - Our installation services are performed using trained and certified technicians who follow industry standard specifications and any additional specifications of our customers which are specific to their project. As part of installation services we can provide full commissioning and integration as required. Detailed documentation is part of every process we undertake on behalf of our clients.

Line & Antenna

TEST COMMUNICATIONS has built thousands of wireless sites over the last 12 years in the Gulf Region. Our extensive body of knowledge and experience gained during that time spans 2G, 3G, 4G, & most recently 5G projects for multiple clients including all major wireless carriers in the United States.

Our customers trust us over and over again with their L&A projects because we deliver consistent and repeatable results on-time and within budget.

We have a fanatical focus on quality and always put safety first.


Installation of microwave equipment and the related pathing requires careful planning and attention to detail. TEST’s technicians are trained in the installation of microwave equipment from many of the industry’s leading microwave vendors.

Our technicians are also well-versed in the use of the very latest in pathing software and tools enabling them to efficiently and accurately path-in and align the equipment after installation.

As part of our turnkey services, TEST COMMUNICATIONS can also provide C&I services to our microwave clients.

Commissioning & Integration

At TEST COMMUNICATIONS we understand that the integration and commissioning process is one of the most important elements of a wireless deployment. We offer our clients a turnkey service that includes C&I services. Our C&I services include installation of new modules, removal of old modules, wiring and rewiring of ethernet, fiber, GPS, alarm, and power cables as well as call testing and other related services.

Our technicians have extensive training and experience on Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung BTS equipment and software. More importantly, their combined experience across multiple vendors, configurations, and network rollouts allows them to quickly identify problems and define solutions, thereby saving our clients money on each site build.

Outside Plant

Our Outside Plant services focus on fiber optics and include techniques for Aerial, Direct Buried, and Underground services.

We utilize accepted industry standard techniques to engineer, construct, manage, and maintain your OSP project.

We understand that our customers OSP infrastructure is the backbone of their communications networks. We are devoted to our customers’ success and we prove that in every OSP project that we undertake on their behalf.

Lighting Services

TEST COMMUNICATIONS provides services across all facets of telecommunications lighting requirements. We provide service from the smallest job to the largest job for private and government clients throughout the Gulf South Region of the U.S.

If you have a maintenance request or a brand new lighting installation request, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our trained and experienced technicians will endeavor to exceed your expectations for time and budget every time.

DAS Solutions

TEST COMMUNICATIONS uses a vendor-agnostic approach to designing DAS solutions which employ best-of-class technologies.

We provide our customers with carefully designed systems which meet current expectations for capacity and coverage while providing a cost-effective path to the future.

  • Partnerships with leading DAS technology vendors

  • Deep experience in RF design as it applies to DAS

  • Experience in deploying small cells, active/passive DAS, hybrid DAS.


Broadband and WIFI typically go hand-in-hand in this day and age. TEST has expertise in network design, testing, installation, and deployment of Broadband based WIFI solutions in multiple scenarios including but not limited to rooftops, water tanks, light poles, power poles, and other related deployment scenarios.

Talk to our experts about how we can help you to meet your deployment requirements for a broadband network for your private entity, city government, or municipality.

Site Acquisition

TEST COMMUNICATIONS provides a comprehensive suite of services relating to and commonly and collectively referred to as “Site Acquisition”

We utilize a combination of in-house expertise combined with individual and group expertise culled from our extensive network of partners to provide a best in class site acquisition service suite which includes but is not limited to:

  • Zoning and permitting

  • Geotechnical studies

  • Construction Drawings

  • Soil borings

  • Surveying

  • Engineered tower designs

Architecture & Engineering

Utilizing experts with years of relevant industry experience, TEST COMMUNICATIONS provides a full range of A&E services to its wireless and wireline telecommunications clients. Our comprehensive consulting services include:

  • Site Audits

  • Foundation Designs

  • Site Construction Project Management

  • Structural Engineering

  • Lease Exhibits, Zoning and Permitting, Construction and As-Built Drawings

Tower Modification

TEST COMMUNICATIONS has extensive, direct experience, meeting the tower modification requirements and specifications of all of the major tower owners (Crown Castle, SBA, & ATC) as well those of the major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile) in cooperation with the tower owners and their chosen A&E firms.

We believe that our experience makes us uniquely qualified to lead and manage tower modification projects of any size and positions us, as one of the leading firms in this space, in the Gulf Region of the United States.

Build-to-Suit/Greenfield/Raw-Land Services

TEST has successfully provided build-to-suit services to major wireless and tower owner customers across the Gulf Region. We utilize both in-house resources and trusted outside partners in a sub-contractor capacity to completely meet the needs of our customers in a timely fashion for all of their raw-land projects.

We can provide services a-la-carte or in a turnkey fashion including tower erection, foundation, generator sets, and other related services.

TEST COMMUNICATIONS delivers on-time and on-budget every time.

Safety & Quality

Safety is first and foremost our top priority throughout every facet of our operations. We incorporate quality controls with rigorous safety management practices which we believe benefit every individual within our organization and result in superior services being delivered to each and every one of our customers.

Our Safety Management Group (SMG), strives to continually improve our processes and methodologies in every area of our company but especially in the areas of safety and quality.

Our key quality objectives include:

  • Top down 360° Safety – we believe that robust safety and quality principles begin at the top. Our company leadership leads by example and continually promotes the necessity of “Safety First” in their actions and the actions of every TEST employee and contractor.

  • Utilization of business intelligence “BI” tools to analyze available safety and quality data to transform processes and methodologies as needed to enable meaningful change that leads to overall improvement

Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing and logistics services are a necessary component of any wireless deployment project. Often, clients are faced with a shortage of secure and accessible space to store equipment which will be needed in the near future for deployment to sites.

TEST COMMUNICATIONS provides clients with multiple options for not only warehousing equipment which is not yet ready to be deployed but also offers options for BOM validation, kitting, pre-construction testing and configuration services, and delivery to the cell site with confirmed equipment hand-off to the designated general contractor. All tracking and validation of equipment is performed digitally and available to the customer via web-based portal.